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Web Marketing Sydney SEM and SEO Specialists.

Web Marketing is essential for small and local businesses.

Whats not essential is to write blank cheques to SEO or SEM companies getting into long term lock in contracts.

We can develop an extremely effective all encompassing starter plan that pays for its self within no time and really adds to your bottom line

Servicing Sydney all areas of Australia

Identify Goals, List Keywords

The first steps are to identify the goals and then form a list of 20 keywords.

We ask you for 20 keywords that could describe your business. We then come back with the number of people in your area looking for these keywords and give suggestions on what keywords could work better.

We then analyse these keywords and define what the 5 main keywords will be.

For example this page here focuses on Web Marketing Sydney.



Identify the Money Keyword

In collaboration with this Sydney client we identify the keyword that has the best balance between cost, competition and profit.

For example in this case we have identified “Blue Slip” This is a service not provided by most mechanic shops, has low competition from other advertisers, a cheap cost per click and is profitable to the business.

We then optimise an existing page for this keyword or create a new page.

Privacy Policy and Page optimisation

All Adwords pages must include a privacy policy, it is not enforced by Google but without a privacy policy the page will rank low or not be shown at all by Google.

We generate a privacy policy that includes all of the points that Google requires.



Create Ad Copy

We create four text advertisements for each of the two ad groups.

The unique selling point of the client is highlighted along with the targeted keywords.

To the left the created advertisement is outranking its competitor with a bid of just $1.10, the advertisement points to the dedicated landing page we have created and includes a privacy policy where the competitors advertisement is pointing to a non relevant to the keyword home page and does not include a privacy policy.

Rank Tracking

We create a rank tracking dashboard that you can access at any time. The dashboard is updated daily providing a great simple overview of current ranks.

Web Marketing Sydney


The cost of a complete professionally setup and optimised Google Pay Per Click campaign is $440inc gst

This includes all of the above and $100 of Google credit for new advertisers.

After the initial month clients are charged by Google direct for any costs incurred. A budget of at least $5 per day is suggested.

Ongoing management of the campaign is not essential but is useful to continue to optimise it and increase the value of your investment. Ongoing management is $100 Per Month, this includes a full report and continuous optimisation, 3 hours per month of work.

Web Marketing Sydney SEM and SEO Specialists.