Web Hosting Australia

On our super speed AWS cloud.

We have been doing web hosting and development since 1998!

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All websites are hosted on our rock solid Amazon AWS network utilising the very latest enterprise technology.

Facebook, Netflix, Wikipedia, NASA, Gov.uk, WordPress.com and Reddit use Nginx to achieve the fastest possible web performance.

Nginx is now the most popular web server for the top 1000 websites.

Most web hosts use the Apache web server due to its easy integration with consumer web hosting panels like cPanel cramming thousands of customers on a single box along with mail and database services.

We don’t do cPanel, mail or consumer web hosting.

We do Web. Enterprise Web at a value for money price.

Netflix, Dropbox, Pinterest, NASA, Spotify, AirBNB, Adobe, Comcast, Dow Jones
Almost all the biggest names of the interweb call Amazon AWS home.

All 14 other cloud providers combined have 1/5th the aggregate capacity of AWS (estimate by Gartner in 2013)

Amazon AWS are the clear undisputed leaders in cloud computing.

Webconcepts has used AWS exclusively from day one of cloud operations.

We have a main database server that is mirrored between two distant AWS sites in NSW, this can failover at anytime providing uninterrupted database services to our team of autoscaling web servers. All services could be ramped up to almost Netflix scale automatically without any interruption or degradation to services.

Our website hosting starts from $25 per month.
And for this price you can be assured of having your website available and powering at full speed 24/7, No busy times, No slowdowns!

Key points

  • Less than 100 customers hosted on our network that has the capability to scale to millions of users.
  • No outside access. At present there are only two long term customers with even filesystem access to their web hosting. The network has been built for our internal use only.
  • No FTP, of the two customers with access they have IP restricted SFTP
  • No Mail or Database servers sharing Web Servers. Dedicated to task.
  • A true big iron Database setup of the type that would be uneconomical for a $25 per month website to use.
  • All sites and scripting engines run as their own user. A single compromised or hacked site has no possibility of affecting other sites.
  • Only our own in house technicians ever do maintenance on the servers.