SEO Sydney

seo photoWhat
We start with keyword research, working over a list of keywords you make and then generate some of our own by analysing what you do. We then feed this through a system to generate more related keywords along with providing us with the number of people searching for these keywords in australia. We then select the optimal keywords to use from this data.

This forms the base of everything we do. With this data we can understand the focus of our efforts better and develop a stratergy to get the best possible results.

List competitors
We work with you to build a list of competitirs. We can then benchmark against them but also see whats working and not working for them seowise.

Setup webmaster tools.
Webmaster tools is like a dashboard for your web precence. From here we can see any problems that google may be having indexing the site, what is indexed and set rhe country focus of the site.

On site optimisation groundwork
Set preferd version in webmaster tools and redirect to or vica verca.
Important so that google does not see 2 copies of the site.

Site errors.
With webmaster tools and other tools we scan the site for errors broken links, broken images and other errors.

It makes sence that google wants to only send users to only the best sites based on their quiry.

Google cares a lot about web performance. We will optimise your site in several ways by installing and configuring caching plugins, combining and reducing the size of scripting and images.
Above the fold
Google wants the first part of the page that loads the part in the view of the browser on first load it wants this to load within a second.
This is complicated work that only specialists like us can do.
We tezt your site before and after showing the reposts and filmstrip of rhe load.
Our servers are among the fastest in australia.
You may clickbthis link to test your website and the sites we build. We are extremly confident that our websites permorm at atleast double the speed.
All so very important.

SSL securityseo photo
Google now wants to see SSL security on all sites.
Especialy if you are asking people to fill out forms with personal information.
Also would you put your credit card into a site with SSL or login to secure internet banking?
Yes well your wordpress admin is just as important as these when entering your password.

Structure of site make sure that pages have the best possible keywords in their urls, headings and text.

We install a very easy and widley used plugin for wordpress that helps with this ongoing.
We manualy look throug the text and give you rewrites that icorporate the keywords for your aproval.

Obtain current rankings for keywords that have been selected.
There may be several keywords that pages are ranking just outside the top 10 for and with just the above restructuring they be able to be boosted instantly to the top 5.

Find relevant links.
We analyse higher ranking pages and find what easily obtainable links they have that are worki g well for them.
We then make a plan and list in conjunction with you to obtain great links from your suppliers, stakeholders, customers, industry bodies and other places we brainstorm together.
These are the best links possible as they are going to stay around forever and not disapear as soon as you stop paying for SEO..
You are also not going to have a turbulent time in the